Hello! I'm an self thaught Amsterdam-based Argentinian Freelance 3D Artist.
With +15 years experience in digital media production. Specialized in real-time engines: AR/VR and gaming. AR fashion. GameDev. NFT artist selling in DontBuyMEME, Metamundo, Foundation. Researcher and Futorologist.

I started at drawing comics as a kid, and then 2D animating in MS-DOS, then started learning 3D at the age of 12 with3Dsmax 2.5.
At 17yo I was hired to work remotely for a fashion company from Amsterdam, at 18 I presented my first big film, at a fashion show in the center of Amsterdam.
From argentina I worked on 3D printing, prototyping, showroom animations, andmarketing movies. I tried to learn design by going to University, but Argentina only had graphic design degrees, nothing related to 3D animation, therefore I continued to develop myself on my own.
At 24 I moved to Amsterdam and continue to work on fashion for a while more while slowly transitioning to the gaming industry.
At 28 I started working as a freelancer making art for indie games, then got hired by Capitola Digital, where I dived deep into marketing experiences using New Tech: VR games, VR for medical experiences, AR maketing, 360 films, motion capture, photogrammetry and 3D printing.
Half a decade ago I started learning about blockchain, and was very excited to find out I can sell my art thanks to it.
This year, 2022, I will finally receive my dutch citizenship, which marks a life changing point for me. As a latinamerican artist with no degree and no european citizenship, having the chance to work in an advanced country as the Netherlands with a highly skilled migrant visa is one of my biggest achievements.
Thank you for taking the time to read about my story!
I really hope you enjoy my work.

After Effects/Photoshop/Illustrator
Substance Designer
Lens Studio
Effect House
Fluent in spanish and english.
Intermediate in dutch.
Amsterdam, NL