Characters and art pieces created for crypto auction platform


Bouncing BOTs and shitcoins

What does it take to have my heart BOUNCE out of my chest with excitement? Releasing a decentralized auction platform with services including liquidity mining, decentralized governance, and prediction markets to its users (read more about below). And they have called their native token: “BOT”. Bounce + BOT = Fun! 

For weeks I have been working hard making bouncing BOTs NFT art. Or simply put:{ = “BOT”;lucas.shootArt=true;if(needsleep){nope();};

Creative process of the tiny BOTs

My concepting started with searching for bot designs that I was drawn to but also gathering designs I was less drawn to. For instance, the tiny bot on the top left corner looked way too much like a toddler human with its cute face and small waist. This came a bit too close to the uncanny valley for me. Instead I was more drawn to the 1970’s robot toy on the left. Its larger color surfaces with rounded edges fit really well with the art style I had in my mind.

So what about the art style? I wanted to experiment with this trend of highly saturated color palettes. Everything is round, cute to the eye with clean surfaces so smooth that your fingers would slid right off if you could actually touch it.

Meet RobbieBobbie.BOT

Look at this cute fella! It almost makes you forget that if he were to become real, you would want to start a petition to have the government instate Universal Basic Income for all of humanity. This metal friend right here could do your job without complaining, 10 times faster and only eats electricity. So that’s cuteness but mixed with a rusty aftertaste for you right there.

But what is
Well, glad you ask!They are a completely decentralized crypto auctioning and swapping platform. Born during the hype of DeFi projects of 2020, and inspired by the father of all swaps, Uniswap. Bounce was created to bring more trading tools for the crypto community.
I have seen them grow immensely and now they are launching a new NFT marketplace, including a commission platform for artists, which has me very excited! 

You will be able to buy my art pieces on their art auctioning platform as soon as it launches to the public.
Amsterdam, NL