NFT Showroom

So far you have been able to showcase your NFTs by sending a link to a friend, or screen-capturing it and sharing it in social media. Or if you are a bit more tech-savy, you went all out and placed it in a museum on one of the metaverses! Good stuff!

But I felt like there should be more ways to show them off. I’m a world builder, a digital blacksmith, so for me it was clear from the start: You need a portal into another dimension, and inside, your NFT will be displayed in all of it’s glory. Better yet! It’s totally shareble!

Enter the NFT showroom.

Direct link to AR experience:

But how?
Here is how!

Click this link to open
Instagram’s AR camera

(on mobile)

This AR filter was made together with my buddies at Capitola.Social
Amsterdam, NL