Personal music video project for the song “Road to Cartesia” of the dutch DJ: Trippin Jaguar. In this short but life changing experience you follow a jaguar into the depths of its mind, your mind, and the many layers of a full blown psichedellic trip.

A couple of years ago I suggested on an instagram comment that we make a music video together. Trippin Jaguar's Francesco Robustelli was pretty excited about the idea! Little did he know how insanely long that was going to take. The whole idea started first as a VR experience, back when VR was THE hype, but with SDKs being updated every week and a new cooler headset coming out every other week, I gave up on that idea and went full old-school 3D music video.

I haven't really made a music video in like 10 years, and I haven't really been able to give me the freedom to be artistically limitless. I struggled a lot finding whys and hows, meaning and transitions, and then technicalities of softwares, and the god damn rendering times! But after a ton of iterations, I could see the end of the tunnel. Just like an ayahuasca trip, I dived deep into my mind, saw awful and beautiful moments, and came out on the other end with a life lesson: Be as passionate as you can be about something, be creative, and complete goals!

Anyway, I'm super proud that this is now part of my portfolio, and now people get to watch it!
Amsterdam, NL